Ohio Logistics, one of the largest, privately held logistics firms in the Midwest, is customer-driven and uses a flexible solution suite developed by Argos Software to manage warehouse operations at six state-of-the-art facilities comprising millions of square feet.

Offering Ohio Logistics customers a foundation for continued operational excellence, Abecas Insight Software is a highly intelligent warehouse management system providing fast-growing Ohio Logistics with untold agility, supporting many virtual customer warehouses in only one enterprise solution. Flexible and scalable by design, Abecas Insight software enables Ohio Logistics to quickly ramp-up operations for new clients, supporting unique storage, material handling, distribution and reporting requirements customer by customer.

Our team selected Abecas Insight Software to provide a secure, Web-based and Mobile solution. It supports bar code, RFID and voice technology for maximum automation in Ohio Logistics warehouse facilities, including continuous process verification and validation as transactions take place for virtual 100% inventory accuracy. Abecas Insight also provides real-time visibility to customer inventory and accountability of Ohio Logistics professional staff while increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs.

Ohio Logistics will drive new efficiencies for their clients in highly competitive and regulated industries. Pre-receipt ASN/EDI provides visibility even before product reaches the warehouse. Inspection ensures quality. Triggered Alerts and cross-docking expedite fulfillment. Built-in Lot Control and auditing support compliance with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for the food, beverage, drug and health care industries.

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